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Max Boards

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Size 9'2"

Max Boards
max's dad mick came to me asked if it was possible to make a board that he and max could surf on together and i said no worries it is great for his O T and between kane from ocean foam me and mick this is the board we came up with.Its 9 foot 2 inches long 3 inches thick and 23 inches wide we cut a seated /kneeling position into the deck of the board and attached some handles for him to grab hold of i.It has 2 x 6 ounce glass on the top and 1 x 6 ounce glass on the bottom and has a long fin box with 2 x gearbox side fins .
a percentage of the sale of each one of these boards will be going to the monash children s hospital


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Our high-performance and traditional surfboards are made from the latest eco-friendly, sustainable hi-tech materials. Custom eco surfboards are our specialty and we’re known to push the boundaries, delivering high performance craft with careful consideration to Mother Nature.

Jason Wiggers is the owner of Samsara Surf, a boutique surfboard company in Victoria, Australia. He is a passionate artist and pioneer in the Australian eco-friendly surfboard industry. Using his background in mechanical engineering, Wiggers recently developed a new ecofriendly board using traditional fiberglass with B-comp flax.

“We all have to find that one thing that feeds our soul and set us free. For me it is right here with my boards and my family,” says Wiggers.
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