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The surfboard market is currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of innovation in the area of fins and fin systems, there are now countless fin systems available. These systems range from the simple to the complex, some with tool-less fin attachment and others with many adjustment options.

Our choice was to go back to basics with a system that is very simple, super strong, light, and really easy to install. The goal was to deliver a system that had an installation process that was very familiar to board builders, and a fin attachment mechanism that was extremely simple to understand for consumers. Additionally, the system was designed to be compatible with the wide range of dual tab fins that are currently available on the market.

This new system is as light as the lightest systems currently available, yet at the same time it is much stronger. Like many modern systems it is an under the glass system, meaning the plug is installed in the foam of the surfboard and then the lamination goes directly over the plug. This makes for a clean strong installation.

The GEARBOX system comprises two primary parts - the plug and the plug holder.

The design for the GEARBOX plug employs a flange system to provide lateral strength without a corresponding increase in weight. The surfboard lamination bonds to this flange making for a strong installation.

But we went one step further!

In order to reduce weight the flange is trussed to remove material, saving weight! The trussing is designed to match the load paths through the flange to dissipate the loading generated by the fins. This trussing is also utilized in the installation process to improve strength.
GEARBOX employs a plug holder that is CNC machined to fit the plug, and serves to adapt the plug to fit into the surfboard, without adding a lot of weight. The holder is machined to tightly fit the plug with some of the holder protruding up through the trussing in the flange.

The primary purpose of the holder is to support the plug during the installation process. But this holder also enables the routing process to be simplified by only requiring a single routing operation, with the holder serving to fill in the routed hole not occupied by the plug.

Additionally, the portion of the holder that extends up through the truss system provides an attachment point for the lamination, achieving a better mechanical bond, enhancing overall strength and integrity.

The plug holder is not pre-attached to the plug but is separate so that it can be installed and easily covered with resin before the plug is inserted into the holder.

A solid aluminum or composite router jig is used to route the hole for the plug in the surfboard, it makes for a simple tight fitting installation process.

The system employs a bridge in the center of the slot that ties the two sides of the slot together to resist the lateral forces on the plug, to help prevent spreading.

GEARBOX employs a screw placement that is familiar to most people, it is located to the side of the slot creating both lateral and downward pressure on the fin base to secure it in the plug. The fin bases have a recess that allows the screw to get a better purchase to help force the base into the slot.

We invite you to find out more information about the system on this site, and don't hesitate to contact us should you require additional information!

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